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Dedicated to helping women on death row and otherwise in prison.

Jeff Wood with his daughter. The picture is taken a few years ago. Since then Paige has become a mother of two, and he a grandfather. 

The video on the left is in 3 parts , please take not of that.  Both youtubes are explaining the case of Jeff Wood. 


One of our own members ; Terri Been , is facing the possible execution of her brother Jeff Wood AUGUST 24 . Please find it in your hearts to learn of the case and do whatever you can to help us help this man and his family. There is still time left to take part. Thank you all, in advance

AUGUST 13 : Well everyone, August 24 is nearing. If you still have not signed and shared the petition, please do.  ALSO , you can make a call and email the Governor of Texas. There is more, click on the next word please . More   THANK YOU!!!


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Focus on Women is an anti-death penalty activist webpage. It was created in an effort to bring some much needed attention to the women who sit on Death Row and those who are otherwise in the prison system.


The purpose of this website is simply to provide educational material about  the women who are in " the system " (wrongfully or not) and to provide them with pen pals and other kinds of support. These women are human beings,  and deserve to be treated as such; they have been neglected far too long and it is high time they get the same attention as their male counterparts, who are in similar situations.


As of January 2009, there were 56 female death row inmates across the United States,  nearly half of them being housed in Texas and California.  Most states however, don't have death row units for women;  so these women have been forced to reside in ordinary high security units, segregated from all others.  While we should be thankful the numbers of women on death row are so few,  it does not work to their advantage.  In fact, our greatest concern here at Focus on Women is how they will be heard in the matter of complaints they may have or in the matter of human rights violations they face seemingly on a daily basis.  Other female concerns we want to draw attention to include the scarcity of sanitary hygiene products,  the lack of medical care specifically for women and the increasing threats of sexual abuse by guards.  Further; we also find ourselves concerned with the menthal health of these women;  especially of those who are alone on death row (as there are numerous states that have only one woman on death row altogether) .


Needless to say, the women in the system are neglected far more than they should be, due in large part to the structure of  " the system "  and also from the lack of support from the outside. Therefore , we here at Focus on Women invite you to become part of our fight for JUSTICE!  There are many things you could do to help that can and will make a difference !  You can join Amnesty International ,  or any of the various anti-death penalty organizations in an effort to bring about positive reform in the law and in  " the system "  or you can simply befriend one of these ladies.


The fight for women's rights should not and ought not to stop at the prison gates,  and we can only hope that this page will contribute to change for the better for all female inmates,  not just those on death row !


We thank you for viewing this page !  If you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you have a lady who would like to be featured on our site, please feel free to get in contact with us !


Please remember that there is power in numbers;  so with your help,  we can make a difference !



Yours Sincerely,

Heidi Isabelle Moan





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