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Card of encouragement campaign for Linda Carty




Linda Carty is a Brtish mother and grandmother on Death Row Texas, who just lost her appeal with the USA Supreme Court. Now Texas is free to set an execution date for her, seen as she is done with all her appeals. Linda has always professed her innocence.

The only thing that could save her now is a clemency from the Board of Pardons and parole and the Governor of Texas, OR a hard dialogue between UK and the state of Texas.

We would like you to please send her a card and keep her in your thoughts! Big words are not necessary. Simply tell her the source to this campaign and show her compassion and support! Another things you can do is to write the US ambassador in your country and the state of Texas:

Here is Linda's address:      Linda Carty , 51 #999406#

                                                              Mountain View Unit ,
                                                             2305 Ransom Road, Gatesville 

                                                           TEXAS, 76528 


Card of Encouragement for Gaile Owens

4/20/2010  . Gaile Owens just recently found out that her appeal for a commutation of her Death Sentence has been rejected, and a date of execution is now set and official. Read more about Gaile on the news page and on the Website page here at Focus on Women. It is really dishartening that mercy is yet to be shown her. She was a battered woman and have already served 25 years in prison. She ought to be able coming home now, the suffering needs to end. Please show her mercy and encoragement and send her a card!

Here is her address:                        Gaile K Owens ,   # 109737#

                                                                       c/o Tennessee Prison for Women

                                                                      U3  Max- B-24

                                                                      3881, Stewarts Lane, N ashville

                                                                      TENNESSEE, 37218-3302


Cards of incouragement to Shonda Dee Walter

                                                                                                          Hello Everyone!



3/28/2010   I hope you are all doing well! I forward you now, with a special request. Shonda Dee Walter on Pennsylvania Death Row is slated for execution on  April 22nd.  She is now on stage 2 of the process, which means she has exhausted all State Appeals and move onwards to federal level. At this moment an emergency appeal is filed in by her lawyers, to have the execution stayed. A stay is thus likely, but you never know. A STAY WAS GRANTED SHORT TIME AGO. BUT PLEASE KEEP THE CARDS COMING!!!

My wish is that you simply will send her a nice card to cheer her up. Shonda will be very happy too to receive a few penpals. In that regard we are looking for committed pen pals that will stay and help support her in any way possible .

Her  address:                                  Shonda Dee Walter , 30  #OJ8227#

                                                                            SCI Muncy

                                                                           Po Box 180,  Muncy

                                                                          PENNSYLVANIA , 17756


Thank you very much!




On behalf of us here at Focus on Women

Heidi Isabelle Moan

Birthday Card Campaign

Hi Everyone!

 Brittany Holberg's and Darlie Lynn Routier's Birthdays are coming up, and we would like to take the oportunity to ask of you to cheer them up with a Birthday greeting. Brittany's Birthdays is 1 January and Darlie Lynn's is the 4 January. To most people a card doesn't mean too much, for them it means the world.

Their full adresses can be found at the Pen pals for the women page. Thank you for taking part in this!



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