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"The need is critical and great. Darlie Routier has spent 18 of innocence on Texas Death Row. Now we have third party DNA on her nightshirt and sock found 75 yards away from crimescene and the states lab found this. They can go no further.
So we have to pay for this special testing with a DNA scientist. 
Please help us it is critical. This fund goes directly to darlies DNA trust fund with attorneys.
We need help in copying this plea and posting on prayer sites, anti death penalty groups, famous stars who help people like my daughter. Colleges and churches may help. We need a lot of praying and sharing.
Please help Darlie with any amount for her fund and by copying and sharing this plea. Her life is WORTH everything to me and to God. Thank you." Darlie Kee







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This is Darlie Lynn Routier, daughter of Darlie Kee, sister of Danelle and Dana, mother of Drake Routier, aunt, niece, grandchild , the best friend one could ever hope for AND Death Row inmate 999220 from Texas. 

Darlie lost her two precious sons the night of June 6 1996, when they were stabbed to death and she was badly wounded. After only twenty minutes of investigation, law enforcement had their eyes on her , 7 months later she was found guilty and sentenced to death by leathal injection.  Sentenced for something she did not do. 

 I have known her for about 6 years now.  Our friendship started when I was in the mere beginning of creating this website. I had to start somewhere, and I knew I had to have women pen friends who could help me get a picture of how it is like for a woman on Death Row. I was certain that she would be the one to tell me about it, and could only hope she would write me back. And she did.  I am deeply honored to be her friend and support. She is an amazing person, strong , vibrant, compassionate , loving and caring. She is always willing to reach out a helping hand and has inspired not only myself but so many. She has been on Death Row for 17 years now, and how she has managed for so long is beyond my understanding. She has seen other ladies taken from  her block at Mountain View Unit, never to return,has not been able to be there for her son during his treatment for Leukemia, which he was diagnosed fairly recent and lost her best friend.

 Drake is so much better now, has graduated despite all and is on maintenance. Darlie and her family would say praise to the Lord. I am enclined to say the same. It was some pretty hard and scary months with both progress and setbacks. A periode where I have been scared out of my mind. He just had to survive, he just had to. He was only 18 years old, and had alot of life left to live. I cried many tears of fear and worry , for him , his mother and the family and I am so very happy and relieved now . Darlie is also very lucky to have visits very often, by her family who loves her so much and devoted friends. She has missed so many milestones of her sons life and now I hope she soon will be set free, to see the rest of them. 

I am thrilled to know that there is progress and that things are looking up for her  after all these years. For those who are not aware , the state of Texas and federal courts permitted Darlie to have numerous DNA tests done years ago. Finally  there is some progress, the tests Texas permitted years ago is dealt with and are excluding Darlie Lynn from the crime committed to the two little boys. These tests were payed for by the State of Texas. 

A lot remains to be done both at State and Federal level, many DNA tests left. Among them, of finger prints which also will be run trough various data basis. These are very costly, upward 200.000 dollars or 1.200.000 NOK, and is something Darlie Lynn and her family will have to pay for. The problem is that during so many years of legal battles the family has emptied their pockets more than once and can no longer raise even an approximate sum so now she is in dire need of help. It should not be this way, but the cold reality is that it is so. The burden of proof lies with the defendant. It is a rarety that  convicts are allowed DNA testing, and if they are , the tests are limited and usually not enough to exonerate. It is my sincere opinion that if Darlie Lynn only had the finished tests to go on , she would not stand a chance. Luckily , that is not so. 

 A few months ago , the federal court pushed the State of Texas and Darlie Lynn's defense team to speed up. Following that order her team made a motion for further Dna testing at State level , which was granted and ordered this Summer. Now there is a back and forth discussion of who is going to pay those tests. And time is ticking rapidly. Regardless, she needs monetary aid to have all the remaining done. She is dependent on all of you to survive.  So please help in any way you can. Any donations, big or small is much appreciated. 

You can donate via pay pal, by sending a check or buy a T shirt. Every donation is directly forwarded to her defense team. Links etc, will be posted bellow. 


  go to here   and look at the left hand side down , there you will see a donate instruction.


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Attention Lauren Schmidt

Brownstein Hyatt Farber and Schreck, LLP

LLP 410 Seventeenth Street, Suite 2200

Denver, Colorado 80202, USA


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