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SPECIAL PLIGH FROM ME, Heidi Isabelle Holthe Moan




by Heidi Isabelle Holthe Moan on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 4:07pm

It is safe to say that today I am NOT a happy camper, as the hearing he just had went bad.

I am now trembling with worries for him , his daughter Paige and the family. 

We just heard from his sister Terri ; my colleague and dear friend, who said they were told to be prepared for the worse.

We now have about 60 days to make a true effort to save his life. How sick is it, a system that allows for innocent people to get murdered by the state, when in fact one is innocent of MURDER. Jeff made poor choices, yes. BUT he is NOT GUILTY of Murder!!

He is a sweet, kind and compassionate man, who loves his daughter Paige above all, it is in fact as if his letters shines whenever he talks about her. He loves his family, and he is very much loved back. He is a great friend too!

Please visit this site to learn more about him: And please write a clemency letter.

Also please sign this petition: . We are in need of 18000 + more signatures!

Please sign if you have still not done so, and please repost. He desperatly needs us all now! We made it before ,and we can make it again!!


Thank you all for your help!






 11/23/2010     A new letter to us from Donna, with an update on Kristi Leigh Fulgham.


November 23 at 9:59am

Up to date news for Kristi.

Kristi is still sitting withing DR waiting for paperwork to be completed to move her out. The prosocuters would still be allowed to try and re-file for DP, although had just a few weeks to make that decision.
The phase that we were at was the courts overturned Death, due to unseen evidence. Then it was a decision between retrial or re-sentencing.

The prosecuting family (Joeys family) wanted to strike a deal and the way it was put to Kristi made her feel that she had no choice.

Deal is that ...

At a retrial, should Kristi be found guilty, then the family will not accept life, but would push straight for the DP.

Family have put forward that Kristi is to be re-sentenced to life and they will not push for death, it will be dropped and instead she can have life, see the children as much as possible, and hold them, be there for them.

Kristi's mum is not coping with it all on the outside either, and she has been strong for as long as she can, but is tired.

Kristi has signed the deal, she appears in court tomorrow (Tuesday) for re-sentencing. She still claims she is innocent, but as a loving mother is doing this for them.

Her attorneys are saying that given some time after signing the deal she can then take it back to court, showing that she only signed it for the love of everyone around her, she wanted to protect them from the media, the threats and from losing her.

Poor Kristi.

Donna xx
November 24 at 12:03am

Kristi went to court, her mom couldnt make it, but this is the message I received ...

I just talked to her atty. a little while ago. The DA tried to make her say she killed Joey, but she refused and the Judge reprimanded him for trying to pull that crap. Other than that everything went good, and she should be moved in a day or two.

A letter for Focus on Women from Donna and Kristi Fulgham

This is a beautyful and moving letter from  my friend Donna. She is sharing with us the last letter she had from Kristi Fulgham , on Mississippi Death Row. Have a read! Now this is what I am talking about ! This is what I want, and the way of learning more about the women and their situation.


On April 20th 2010, Kristi Fulgham, who is in a MS Prison, had a visitation with her Mother & 12 year old daughter. When arriving into the visitation room, the phone (Glass screen visits), had been pulled out from the wall, meaning that no voice contact could take place.

Kristi was then removed from the visitation room, below is what happened. I also speak to Kristi’s mum, who also confirmed all what Kristi had said.

Please read a clip from her letter ....

‘I have the most awesome news. A miracle happened this morning. See, here is visits through the glass & my country was the same way, so it has been 7 years since I have held my kids. I had a visitation earlier at 8a, and when I got in the little room, the phone was ripped off the wall. So, they took us to another room, face to face. I got to hug my mom & wrap my arms around my 12 yr old daughter (she mentions the daughters name, but for respect I shall not do this). God is so good. I haven’t held her since she was 5. We just cried & cried. I couldn’t let her go. We got to sit together for 75 whole minutes. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I’m so happy today Donna.’

Kristi then went on to tell me how on May 24th at 1.30pm, her case is before the MS Supreme Court for Oral Argument. The courts are to decide if they are to reverse the sentence or whether or not to go for a whole new trial for guilt phase & penalty phase. Kristi goes on to say how they were railroaded by their county D.A. so she feels positive about what is going to happen. She believes strongly in Justice and that the truth WILL prevail.

It looks like we still have a long way to go with Kristi but if they can let her have human contact once, then surely more people can have the same ?






Kristi's mum has gone to the courts, she emailed me to tell me she will ring me up to tell me the outcome. I will text you instantly. I have received a letter from Kristi on saturday with the most beautiful photo of her with her husband and children. She was crying as I sent her money, so she managed to buy some hygene items, so Ive just sent her some more, with all my love x


R.I.P Deborah Peagler.

Deborah Peagler  died 8 june (2010), from cancer. She was imprisoned for 26 long years, for a crime which had many mitigating factors; she was a battered woman.  She was freed last year, but only got a taste of freedom for a short periode. At least all the suffering is over now.  Here is a trailer for a documentary on her and her case.



Teresa Lewis, Virginia executed 23 September, pronounced dead 9.13 am Local time

May she rest in peace! And may her family find the strenght to go on after this terrible loss of a loved one. Our hearts also go out to the murder victims family, they too must be taken to account on such a day., we should NEVER forget about them either.  Any day of execution is a sad sad day for humanity...It holds proof of what we have become, not for better, but for worse. The death penalty and an execution does not solve, does not heal and does not give closure...I myself am a witness to that, so as for Bill Pelke, Marietta Jaeger and many  members at Journey of Hope , from vilonce to Healing.

This travesty , this barbarity has to end! I also want to forward a special thank you to all of you who have joined us all in the effort to try save Teresa's life! We ask of you to continue work alongside us in our fight for Justice and Humanity!





CANDLELIGHT A beautiful writing from Andrea, one of Teresa's lawyers:



An incredibly moving piece.  Thank you everyone who had a part in fighting for Teresa's life.....................

Dear ones:


Today I am grieving.


I am grieving because last night, just after 9pm Eastern time, people in the State of Virginia killed Teresa Lewis.


I am grieving because the people who were given the power to decide whether or not to kill Teresa Lewis were unswayed by new evidence showing she was not the mastermind behind the crimes, as the judge who sentenced her to death believed her to be.


I am grieving because we live in a country where politicians and the courts believe it is ok to use the state's resources to kill someone.  


I am grieving because we live in a country where politicians and the courts believe it is ok to use the state's resources to kill someone who functions at the level of a 13-year-old.


I am grieving because my colleagues and I, Teresa's attorneys, and many other advocates and supporters around the country who worked to prevent her senseless and unnecessary death were not powerful enough to stop it.


I am grieving because the alternative that I was fighting for -- that Teresa's life be spared -- would have meant that she would have spent the rest of her life prison in conditions of isolation and deprivation.  


I am grieving because I keep hearing the voice of my friend Susan, who at age 19 plead to 25-to-life to avoid the death penalty for killing the man who held her hostage and abused her, saying, "It was exactly like my abuser.  The state said that they were going to kill me, just like he used to tell me."


I am grieving because there are women whom I respect, admire, and am inspired by -- like Tracee, Ellen, Susan, Sara, and countless others -- who also faced the death penalty and now are serving Life Without Parole sentences.


I am grieving because I am remembering Deborah Peagler, who died earlier this year of lung cancer after being released from CA prison after serving more than 26 years; Debbie plead guilty in 1983 to avoid the death penalty, only to have her attorneys discover documents in 2005 showing that the prosecutor knew at the time that they did not have sufficient evidence against her to pursue the death penalty.   


I am grieving because I know that the men who Teresa Lewis and her co-defendants killed didn't deserve to be killed either.


I am grieving because today, the state of Georgia is preparing to kill Brandon Rhode, whose execution was postponed earlier this week after he tried to commit suicide.


I am grieving because 35 states still have the death penalty, and there are 14 executions scheduled between now and the end of the year, and another six already scheduled in 2011.


I am grieving because our prisons are full of black and brown people, poor people, queer, transgender and gender non-conforming people, people with mental health issues, people with disabilities, people who have been subjected to horrors, people who have been neglected, people who are incredibly talented artists, people who are loving parents, people with incredible gifts, people who deserve the opportunity to express their full potential, people who deserve to live free of fear and deprivation, and people who, despite all they have endured, manage to sustain more moments of dignity and resistance and humor and humanity than I ever would have imagined possible.


I am grieving because sometimes it feels like too much; too much suffering and oppression and trauma and violence to stop.


I am grieving and I am outraged.


And I am hopeful.


I am hopeful because I know that I am a part of a powerful movement for justice, for healing, and for collective liberation. 


I am hopeful because even in my grief, I feel profoundly connected to all of you who share this commitment to building another world, one where all people have access to the material, educational, emotional, and spiritual resources necessary to be safe in thrive in our communities.


I am hopeful because I am privileged to work with amazing women who join me everyday in the struggle for justice. 


I am hopeful because I know that people all over the world expressed opposition to the killing of Teresa Lewis.


I am hopeful because I have witnessed, and been a part of, countless acts of resistance to the forces of violence and oppression. 


I am hopeful because many of those acts of resistance have resulted in powerful, meaningful, liberatory changes. 


I am hopeful because I don't have to look all that hard to see evidence that we are doing it, we are building the world we want and deserve.


I am hopeful because I have to be.  There is no alternative.


And I am grateful.


I am grateful to each of you for being a part of the struggle alongside me, in your own ways.


I am grateful for the ways that each of you sustain me and my spirits, even from afar.


I am grateful for the many expressions of support and solidarity that people sent to Teresa, her attorneys, my colleagues, and me this week.


I am grateful to Teresa's attorney and to the countless other volunteer attorneys throughout the country who dedicate themselves to fighting for justice.


I am grateful that Gaile Owens, who was set to be executed by the State of Tennessee next Tuesday, had her sentenced commuted in July to life with the possibility for parole by Governor Bredesen.


I am grateful for the countless organizations and affinity groups and collectives and individuals who work so determinedly to create the change we want to see and to build the world in which we all deserve to live.


I am grateful for the opportunity to confront the dissociation and fatigue that comes from absorbing too much suffering and trauma, to tap into my grief and outrage, to express myself, and to move, once again, toward action.


And I am grateful for this life and the chance to be my best self.  I hope to do right by it.












From James Rocap, Teresa's principal Lawyer


If you are receiving this email, it means you were generous enough to sign the Petition for Clemency for Teresa Lewis. And for that, I want to thank you very much. We presented all of your signatures (over 6,000) to the Governor in support of the Petition.

I served as Teresa’s principal attorney during the fight to save her life. We were unsuccessful in that effort, but it was not for lack of support from persons such as yourself. As I said in my statement to the media shortly after Teresa was killed, she was deeply appreciative of everyone’s efforts on her behalf, including her supporters in Virginia, throughout the United States, and across the world.

I want to share one reflection and one respectful suggestion.

First, having spent the final few hours of Teresa’s life with her, you should know that she was remarkably strong throughout a horrific ordeal that would have incapacitated most people. Right up to the end, she was, as she always had been, far more concerned about others than herself. During her final prayer, which I was privileged to share with her, every petition was genuinely intended for the benefit of others, including those who had been a part of the incredible injustice to which she fell victim. Teresa was, in every respect, a remarkable human being:  simple, direct, loving and supportive.

Second, it is precisely because the machinery of death could be and was used to kill an individual like Teresa that I want to encourage everyone who supported her to now consider supporting both local and national efforts to abolish the system that could generate such an unjust result. Many people are devoting their lives to ending the death penalty, and they deserve our support. If you are so inclined, I would urge you to get involved with the state organization where you live.  In Virginia, it is Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty ( If you are not in Virginia, you can use the following link to find the state group in your state:  ( I also encourage you to sign up with the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty ( Many others are also engaged in the same work. Whatever your choice, though, I hope that you will act upon it, for Teresa’s sake. 

Thank you again for your support.

Jim Rocap
Counsel for Teresa Lewis

Heidi Isabelle Moan on blogtalk radio/4justice now

 THIS IS MY APPEARANCE on the radio back in March this year.(2010) :
Messages from the Administrators!

Chelsea and the case of sold letters


Have you heard of Chelsea's latest legal setback ?  Posted on the news page here. Sad to say this is not the only setback she had lately. It is this matter I am going to adress right now.
Short time ago Ms Natalia Alllan and I got a goodbye letter from her, in fact we got it the same day. It was a very beautyful letter, where she among other things expressed her gratitude for all letters and support.
She said she would no longer be writing letters to a very many people, and her reasons are shocking and appaling.

Some of her own worlds: " This is really hard, as I am still very sad and hurt" " I am hopeful on my legal side, but I just found out someone is selling letters I have written" " So it has really hurt my trust, and I will no longer be writing very many people anymore" " I do not know who to trust or believe and this hurts me alot and I am sad to have to say goodbye" " So thank you for all your support, and Taniss can relay messages, but due to how mean and cruel whoever this is, I can no longer feel safe and comfortable writing people, and this is sad, because I will miss you all"

Again , I take this  matter very seriously, and I seek to come to the bottom of this. Life and freedom is taken from her, that we do know. Now in addition to that, she has been robbed of the very few liberties she had left.

This matter may have influence on the other women too, residing with Ms Richardson. I am also writing Ms Routier, but I haven't heard a word since May, despite my writing two letters after her response. Ms Allan's mother writes Linda Carty, and she too have not heard from Linda in weeks. Despite the fact Linda seemed very eager to have a pen pal in Mrs Allan.

My worries is that fear has been spread like fire over there and that the women are getting even more isolated. If anyone has seen or heard anything, please do tip me or the proper authorities.! I can only hope for a happy ending here.

Thank you for your attention! And for your help!

Yours Sincerely,
Heidi Isabelle Moan

1 October 2009       

A little wiser on the above mentioned topic. Both Good News and bad.

I have recently heard back from Ms Taniss Cuncle, a close friend of Chelsea and her family. There were indeed sold letters, and they have been bought of a friend of theirs in Pennsylvania and destroyed. That is the good news. The bad news is that no matter how hard she and others have tried to convince her,  Chelsea is not listening and will still not take up letter writing again. Ms Cuncle is the daughter of Chelsea's spiritual advisor and the creator of the website for Chelsea.

Please send Chelsea a card of support, perhaps she will eventually turn!  Thank you for your attention!

Have a lovely day all!

Heidi Isabelle Moan



Mountain View Unit/ Darlie L Routier/ Gaile Owens, TN

14 February 2010


Just before Christmas , I was told that the ladies of death row at the  Mountain Mountain View Unit, was shuffled around. The women are like others levelled, but unlike the men  allowed to work. Now they are moved and it means that work capable are mixed with those who are not capable. This, naturally  has brought upset to the ladies there . It also means that  friends got seperated from oneanother. For some of them , it is more serious, as they may have next to none from the outside world.  In addition, Linda Carty has a really hard time as she has come to the end of her road now, awaiting answers to the tests being one. News should come soon. We will keep you posted.

The ladies is still living with this action, but we do hope that things will go back to the same as it was. In the mean time I ask of you to please send a card of incouragement to them!

Another matter, is Darlie Lynn Routier. She is still waiting on the permitted DNA tests to be done.  For the record, Texas permitted testings on 5 items, nearly two years ago.  The state are paying for them, but they have yet to be done. There also is an issue with what lab to use for those testings, and wether Darlie's own expert will be allowed being present when they proceed.

Here is an affidavit from her expert:

 Also the federal court permitted additional testings, which will be ran trough several databases. These tests,  Darlie needs funding for.  Please have a look at the video for Darlie that is posted here at Focus on Women.


I would also like you to please send words of encouragement to Gaile Owens, on Death Row Tennessee. Her lawyers have filed in appeals to commute her death sentence. Few weeks from now we will know if  any success, or wether she will have a Date of Execution.


Thank you for your attention!


Best wishes,

Heidi I Moan,



5/24/2010  UPDATE ON Mountain View Death Row!!!!

Heard from Darlie Lynn a week ago, and she said that it is promised they will be placed back to how it was before the shuffle around. Hopefully soonest.



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