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You can help these women by offering your friendship, signing petitions or by donating to their defense. There are many indigent prisoners, who have to rely on donations from the public , in order to provide themselves with what you would call a proper defense or appeals. Have  a look at the websites listed here.  You can also donate to the many innocence networks, which do tremendous work for almost nothing. These Networks are driven by Law Students and their teachers. Needless to say, they are amazing, starting off with the worse cases they could ever take on,  at the worse timing.

You could also join the coalitions linked on this page, in an effort to build a stronger network system for fighting injustice. Students can gather and make Students against the Death Penalty a even bigger and powerful anti Death Penalty Group.  Please have a look at their website linked to this website at the Links page!



URGENT !! URGENT!!   5/6/2010 (Focus on Women: yes please help , Linda faces a date of death any day now and is in serious danger: )

Please help Linda and her lawyers from REPRIEVE UK save her life! For those who still do not know, the US Supreme Court has rejected her case and this was her last appeal. As such, the state of Texas is now free to set a date for her. This campaign is her last hope! So please join us.




Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428


Dear Governor Perry

I write to express my deep concern for British Grandmother Linda Carty, who is facing execution in Texas.
[Add personal message to Governor Perry explaining why he should not execute Linda]

I am pleading for her life to be spared, and my heart is with her family at this terrible time. Linda's death would destroy her child, her grandchildren and the rest of her family. I know that you care deeply about family and I would like to join Linda's daughter in begging for mercy for her mother. It would be also a very sad loss for the British people.

This is a case, about humanity and compassion -- values that we share with Texas. My plea to you is based on the greatest respect for Texas and those shared values.

Yours sincerely,


Please share widely




This campagin comes from fellow abolitionist; Andrea Ashford.


Please send emails to David Cameron and Nick Clegg to ask them to help Linda Carty before time runs out. I have copied the email I sent today, it literally takes minutes to do and really could save an INNOCENT life.

Please email to the addresses below and share widely

Thanks x <---- fill in an online form
[email protected]

Dear Sirs,

I am contacting you with regards to the increasingly alarming plight of my friend Linda Carty, who is a British passport holder currently on Death Row in Texas for a murder she did not commit.

Her case is catastrophically flawed and had she received proper legal representation at trial she would not be on Death Row today. I'm sure you are aware that the state of Texas failed to contact the British Consulate until AFTER she had received a death sentence, which directly contravenes the Vienna Convention on the Right to Consular Assistance, along with the bilateral treaty between the UK and US in which the US has undertaken an obligation to notify British Officials if a British national is detained and to notify the defendant of their rights. Linda was never advised of these rights until after her trial. Her lawyer was woefully inadequate.

Despite efforts made so far by the UK Government, the Unites States Supreme Court still denied her last appeal. It is expected that she will be given an execution date imminently. I beg you to please contact President Obama and Governor Rick Perry and ask that her life be spared. As soon as you read the details of Linda's case you will see that at the very least she should be given a new trial and the opportunity to prove her innocence.

I appreciate you are both busy men but this really is a matter of life and death. I am positive that you can help Linda and save an innocent life.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this very serious matter.

Care packages

You could also use JPAY and leave a care package for one of the ladies, so that she may buy hygiene products,  food , coffee  or other things available to her from the commisary. You do that by sending money.  You can also use JPAY to send letters.

Simply click on this link, and follow the directions:


Letter Campaign for Darlie Lynn Routier to DA Craig Watkins of Dallas

Hello Everyone!

I forward you all today , to ask you to take part in this campaign to help Darlie. To write letters to try pressure Mr Watkins to re investigate Darlie's case. This is yet a way for you to help her out.

Here are some guidelines on how to write this letter. Thank you so much!

HOW TO WRITE DA Craig Watkins:

Address him like this: Dear Sir!

* Confront him: In September 2008, you announced you would re-examine 40 death penalty cases in your county, even halt executions if necessary.
- Tell him you are here to hold him to his words.
- That you are forwarding him today, to ask of him to re investigate the case of Darlie Routier , inmate #999220#

* Tell him how you know her if you do, or how you are familiar with her case.

Point out that there are many Flaws in the case: * bloody fingerprints and hairs were found at the scene of the crime, and were not matched with anyone in the home.

* There were two murder weapons , only one were found. Two weapons, because some of the deep wounds were too narrow to be made with the found knife. Also blood from the seven year old was not found on it.

* There were witnesses of the intruders, who were not taken seriously. Including sighting of the man Darlie Routier described.
* Blood patterns on her night gown is not consistent with her as the murderer.
* Evidence was contaminated , by putting many of the bloody items in one bag, before the blood was dry.

* A bloody sock was found 75 yards from the house, which either Darlie or Darin could have left there, because of the time line.
* Evidence were sealed in bags from the nearest grocery stores., trampled with and blankets folded and unfolded.
* Darlie's wounds could not have been self inflicted; they were too deep and too close to her carotid artery. She also had defensive wounds on her arms. In fact the hospital staff were reluctant when the family wanted to see her, because she were in such a bad state.

* In the trial, key state investigators plead the 5 th, during cross examination.
* The court reporter made more than 30000 errors.
* The defense were only allowed to submit 400 out of a 1000 pictures taken as evidence to the court. Which among other things concealed from the jury, that Darlie in fact had defensive wounds.

These are but some of the flaws in this case, unfortunately there are more.

* You have Noticed that so far no woman has had her case re examined , and that you hope that he will do so now.

Now you can write in your own free words, as I always find it the best . However , take care to address him politely! Thank you so much for your help!

Mr Watkins' Address: Craig Watkins Dallas DA.
Frank Crowley Court Building
133 N. Industrial Boulevard, LB 19, DALLAS
TEXAS, 75207-4399

Yours Sincerely
Heidi Isabelle


 This is Linda Carty:




It is Repreive UK who defends Linda.  

You may go to and donate to her defense lawyers so that they may continue in their effort to save her life!


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