In a unanimous 71-page ruling, the Supreme Court rejected Celeste Carrington's bid to overturn her death sentence for the 1992 robbery and murders of two people, leaving her one of only 15 women awaiting execution on California's more than 680-member death row.

A San Mateo County jury convicted Carrington, an East Palo Alto cleaning woman, of killing janitor Victor Esperanza at a San Carlos shoe factory and Caroline Gleason, a property manager at a Palo Alto real estate office. Carrington, now 47, also was convicted of the attempted murder of a Redwood City pediatrician during the same time frame.

The case against Carrington was pieced together by San Mateo crime lab investigators who linked her to the shootings through bullets found at the crime scenes. Carrington eventually confessed to the killings.

The Supreme Court rejected her numerous legal arguments, including allegations police improperly coerced her confessions and conducted illegal searches of her home.

The ruling, however, marks an early stage in Carrington's appellate process. She still has further appeals in the state Supreme Court and federal courts, ensuring she will not likely face an execution date for at least another decade.

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