Focus on Women

Dedicated to helping women on death row and otherwise in prison.

Jouney of Hope from Violence to Healing Tour 2010

My Colleague and Friend Sandrine Ageorges Skinner


World Day Against the Death Penalty 2010



My hero, my mentor and good friend Bente, speaking at a peaceful protest in London 10 October 2010.


Alternative Springbreak 2010

The Alternative Springbreak has become a tradition. Here is more info on this project:

Please join them next year, those who can!




Videos covering the Springbreak

This man is one amazing person. He managed not only to forgive the lady that had robbed him of his sister, but he became her friend and was a witness to her execution-HER witness.

Executions are still happening so often in Texas, that events usually is at or around a execution day. So Alternative Springbreak covered Hank Skinner. Related to that I will let you in on a few very vise words of Sandrine Skinner on the day her husbond was set to die.


Protest Images of  Texas' 200th execution under Rick Perry!

Large scale protests were held in Huntsville, Austin, and Houston, Texas.   Other protest sites included Germany, Canada, France and Belgium!!!


Videos of the Protest of  Texas' 200 th execution under Rick Perry




Photos from the Protest in Huntsville for the 200th Execution Under Governor Perry

A BIG thank you to Scott Cobb,  President of  the Texas Moratorium Network , Hooman Hedayati, President of Students Against the Death Penalty and Terri Been for allowing us to post these photos!

Images from the 10th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty!!!!


 The 10 th Annual March to abolish the death penalty




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Some photos from the event


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