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Robert Gene Garza

Robert with his wife Jennifer, son Robert and daughter Rylie.


Hello Everyone,


Although this is a page for and about women on Death Row and otherwise imprisoned , I forward you today with a special issue. We are fighting all we can to help this man save his life. Robert Gene Garza , 31 sits on Texas Death Row, and has been there for 11 years. He is the first child of Sylvia Leos Garza, a Brother to very young sinblings, he is a husbond and a father of three . Bobby was sentenced to death under the Law of Parties, which holds you equally accountable for murder, even if you did not in any way participate in having a life taken. What more, is there is no cold hard evidence linking this man to the murders in this case, on top of things there is a confession with a description of the crime scene DEVIATING from the scene itself entirely. His mother is fighting hard to save her son , and his wife and children has visits with him . We sincerely hope there will be many many more of the Family gatherings and we fight with them.

We ask of you, that you may fight with us and sign and share this petition widely :

More on the this Law of Parties will come, as it is a Law which does not discriminate. Thank you for Your attention and help.



Yours Sincerely


Heidi Isabelle Moan


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